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Talk in Trump's tweets tells whether tale is true: Code can mostly spot Prez lies from wording

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As many others have said (and as the original article said we shouldn’t), if Trump is saying something it’s probably a lie.

I tried to be a little fairer than that. I actually tried to work out the %truth vs %fiction - and then I realised that a) I have a hangover and concentrating for extended periods isn’t my forte at the moment and b) I can’t be bothered anyway (this may be related to a.)

I did research for oh, it must be at least 30 seconds before giving up. In that brief period my bleeding heart whining liberal gut (thought I’d better preempt the epithets which a Trumpist would doubtless hurl my way anyway) informed me that it sure feels like more than 90% of what Trump says is bollocks, and the remaining 10% is only partially accurate (and even then only accidentally - I mean, yes, Finland does have a lot of trees)

So, on the basis of this diligent research, the Twitter Trump bullshit algorithm would better if it was refactored as:

if (saying_something) {

lying = true;


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