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@ Roland6

"at least, definite about where the UK would be on 30-Mar-2019."

This does seem to be the biggest sticking point with our currency which swings with gov revelations and EU releases.

"remember everything in the UKIP plan about the WTO can be regarded as being rubbish as it is based on a flawed understanding of how the WTO operates."

In what way? I know Clegg got it wrong and a few others claiming we had to charge maximum WTO tariffs or something. We are already a member in our own right too.

"It looks as if this really will run to the last minute, however, might be advisable to save some popcorn for the encores..."

Tbh this was expected. Apparently the EU have form for last minute but I dont credit our gov with much better (as above the current uncertainty). I must admit to slightly harbouring the hope that May would be kicked out and a hard brexitter taking charge. But since we are practically at the end of the negotiation period this is a bit late for a hail mary.

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