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> Ha what a pointless response. They are not breaking the law, that is why the UK/EU can do damp squib about it. Because WP is not breaking the law, WP is in the US not the EU nor UK.

I quite disagree. GDRP (Article 3) rules require anyone who uses data from anyone residing in the EU to abide by the rules.

And if you think that is far reaching, the USA is far more intrusive. Their sanctions, compliance and so on rules apply to anyone being

(a) an american citizen regardless of residence, even if he never touched american soil

(b) anyone with a residence permit for the USA regardless of residence

(c) anyone currently being in the USA

I am still waiting for (d) anyone who is related or married to a,b or c .

I worked as a freelancer for a EU bank and they started with not having american citizens as customers (IRS rules at that time) . After the law changed in the US they dropped that, because they had to implement everything even for EU customers with geo filters.

Case study: An EU citizen on a short trip to the US uses his online banking to send some money to someone on the US sanction list. In the EU this might be allowed, but becaue he is currently in the US the money transfer will be blocked.

If he uses his mobile while in the US for telephone banking, the geo filter would not kick in (EU mobile number), but he still would be in violation of US sanctions and could go to jail.

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