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@ Dan 55

"In the age of the Internet, you must get over this physical presence thing."

I agree but probably not as you are thinking. Just because the internet is present in every country shouldnt mean we follow every countries laws (otherwise there would be no internet) but instead that countries stop trying to impose territory restrictions outside their territory.

"However WaPo does have a physical presence in London as shown above so by your own criteria should also follow the GDPR."

However, the watchdog's hands are somewhat tied here since the Washington Post is a US-based organisation and is outside its jurisdiction. I (nor WP) need provide no more answer than no. Actually they could do less than that and file the complaint in their dustbin shaped 'in' tray. No matter how much you complain, moan or argue. You are welcome.

"Facebook and Twitter do follow German hate speech laws by the way."

I like how you say that as some form of revelation.

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