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Bloomberg Rumor mill

I re-read the article and other articles by Bloomberg. They really are not a news org.

in this article:

1) they start off with the premise that people who speak Mandarin are conspiring against the US.

2) They state what could happen. then back it up with anonymous sources

3) they state it as fact with all references to "someone told me"

This is pretty much all Bloomberg articles. its how all conspiracy theories are based

In this case:

governments try to steal secrets. the US is leading in this area. US government People work 24/7 on spy techniques like this

It is possible that they tried something like this. It can easily be caught and removed and the factory was changed. Super Micron caught it before anything shipped and the rumor leaked out.

The number of Bloomberg articles based on Fear or idea, followed by rumors to back it up are quite large. I was surprised.

We should have flying cars..... a guy says it is possible. Publish that flying cars are coming in 2020.

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