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@ Dan 55

"If WaPo really don't want to offer a service to EU readers they can put up a "we're not serving the EU" page. However, they are."

Why? WP puts up their content for people to access. They are happy for people to access wherever in the world. Some people in the EU might even go as far as VPN to access US services because of the anal retentive EU. People dont have to go to WP if they dont like it, instead this is a gov problem of not liking something people in another country do.

"I assume you also believe Facebook and Twitter and so on should not follow German hate speech rules for users in Germany either?"

Depends what physical assets they have there and if Germany would be cutting them off or even threatening jail if zuck came near the EU. Instead this is a regulator stomping its feet and making a little noise but nothing more.

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