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"Washington Post isn't alone"

I agree. And contrary to the Washington Post, it also happens in some countries wide scale within the EU. Despite all those mentions of the "huge fines under GDPR".

For example, try to access one of the major Dutch news outlets (e.g. classical newspapers Volkskrant, NRC, Algemeen Dagblad, Trouw, Parool, or regional ones like de Gelderlander), and you'll be confronted with a cookie wall immediately. It will offer users to choice to accept cookies, 3rd party sell off, and tracking, or to go and get your content elsewhere. Now, that doesn't sound very GDPR. Or impressed by GDPR enforcement and consequences. I'll bet a beer here that more than 90% of the major Dutch news outlets do this. So indeed, WP is certainly not unique, and a lot can be done in our own backyard.

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