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"The Planck constant, named after the physicist Max Planck, is incredibly small (it's 6.62607015 x 10-34 Js)"

I think we need to be careful about describing units as large or small, when the magnitude of the numerical parts of their value is a function of the units we've chosen to use.

For example, would it be reasonable to describe the speed of light as incredibly small because it's 9.71561e-9 parsecs per second?

The Planck constant is small compared to everyday experience though. E=hbar ω. For any frequency we can experience as human beings, the energy implied by this is much smaller than any we could notice. (Similar to the speed of light, it's much faster than our senses could measure.) That's even if you include visible light as a frequency we can experience, since the energy of an individual photon isn't something we can relate to normal experience.

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