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"So I don't bother trying to read it."

The BEST plan of all. It _IS_ the "Washington {BLEEP}" after all...

/me points out that G. Gordon Liddy, on his radio show, had a segment called 'review and comment on the news', in which he'd read parts of specific articles and comment on them. The Washington Post, because of their Watergate reporting back in the day, was always referred to as the "Washington {Bleep}", usually with a censorship 'bleep' tone at the appropriate moment when he spoke it's name. Another local radio guy calls it the "Washington COMPost". In any case, I have a low opinion of their 'journalism' although, on occasion, they're like that proverbial broken clock that's right twice a day.

Oh, and don't hold your breath for ANY GDPR support from any media outlets in the USA, unless they have something going on in EU or UK that can somehow take the heat for NOT supporting it. Most likely they'll thumb noses and continue to track you for ad purposes, as always.

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