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Re: Are they suitable for the barby?

Probably usable as charcoal -- they look dry enough -- if you can tolerate the smell; I wouldn't cook food with it!

Side note: Had the first flames in the fireplace for this "wintery season". It's amazing how the wood basically burns/converts into charcoal then burns the charcoal (but smells up the house appropriately). I'm getting quite efficient lighting and stoking it without a lot of unburnt fuel, a full loss of flame, or using liquid accelerants, especially since I had only one fire total last year after a long hiatus due to the safety of the babies (now all age 4 and up). But in my defense, I do a fair bit of charcoal cooking outside in a classic 22" Weber kettle and we've been having more small "campfires" for s'mores in a separate metal patio firebowl (not a full stationary pit made from brick).

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