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@ DavCrav

"You mean the law? Yeah, it tends to mean that, actually."

Ha what a pointless response. They are not breaking the law, that is why the UK/EU can do damp squib about it. Because WP is not breaking the law, WP is in the US not the EU nor UK.

"I bet you if you want to sell stuff to Chinese people, and even if you are just nearby, and the Chinese government tells you to change your website, you do it"

So when is the EU gonna start building its great firewall of the EU to keep those dissenting voices from being heard? But no as the article says- "but the UK's privacy watchdog can only issue it with a firm telling off.". Aww didums.

In short WP have done nothing wrong because they are outside the jurisdictions where they would be doing something wrong. And so the people who read it can go on reading it without politics and government getting in the way.

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