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@ Paul Kinsler

"But some newspapers and news sites quite successfully expand their readership by deliberately appealing to and attracting people from other countries."

Which is done by appealing to them. That does not require they follow every brain dead idea of every foreign countries government, but by actually providing what the people want.

"As I understand it, the WP is quite a respectable newspaper, and so could well be of interest to many people in the EU who might subscribe."

And those people will use it regardless of the governments crying. So no problem at the WP side. Just because a country (or in this case the EU) would like everyone to bend to their will doesnt mean providers outside that jurisdiction will.

"So whilst the WP can indeed say "Bollocks to EU", might it not be more pragmatic for them to fix their site"

You assume by that the site is broken. Which leads to a big problem because under China's laws a lot of the internet is 'broken' and so all should be fixed to praise the Communist party? Or do we say bollocks to that? Of course we do and so bollocks to the EU imposition, they have no right, no jurisdiction and the WP site is not broke unless WP feel the change is necessary.

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