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..not just a fool but an ignorant fool..

>> Wildfires killing scores of wealthy people is going to be much more of a political headache than hovels in The Bronx

Scores of wealthy people? Do you know the area the Camp Fire burned through? Do you know the sort of people who live in those areas? I do. I know Placer County and El Dorado County a lot better than Butte County but still got to know the area pretty well over the last few decades.

There are currently 77 known dead but likely to go well over a hundred. Very few of them are "wealthy". Quiet a few will be typical middle class retirees. Comfortably off but very far from "wealthy". But most of the dead will be ordinary people. Typical working folk. And their kids.

They mostly died because a fire-front that moves at up to 40 mph rolled down from the canyon. And there was only one road out of most parts of the down canyon area. These wild fires can jump up to a quarter of a mile at a time. Luckily I've only seem them from afar but know people who had them roll though their neighborhood. Scary as hell. Not a nice way to go. Suffocated or incinerated. In this case, like the Oakland Hills fire, in their cars.

As for the Bronx. Let me guess, your total knowledge of the Bronx is based on something you once saw on Channel 4. When there was nothing on the other side. Some still very nasty pockets in that part of the Five Boroughs but its been rapidly Brooklynized. Now that the gentrifiers have run out of Brooklyn to colonize.

You sound like just another sad junior IT support c*ckwomble in some dead end job. The people who usually come out with this sort of tone deaf comments on these type of occasions based on complete and total ignorance of the subject. Never seems to stop them mouthing off though.

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