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Re: Is it the battle of the bots?

OMG !!! You and the AmFm guy are two peas in a pod!

There are NO ET shenanigans! They are mostly utterly indifferent to us and those that have ANY interest here are beyond normal technology, basically of celestial/angelic origin. Bloody hell !!!....Go pull up your knickers and see that the stupid humans here HAVE NO CLUE at all! -- Technically, neither do you...but then again, you don't have a BFF from Tau Ceti IV I've known for a few decades to give me the low-down on who's naughty and who's nice in this part of the galaxy!

ANYWAYS, again the USA has NO jurisdiction on WHO can goto space! They can't even manage to catch a bunch of flying propane tanks much less keep some Canadians from busting their space-chops!

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