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"....Are you saying that is THE GOOD OLE USA and it is worth defending and supporting?..."


OK Mr. Parkov,

As a supremely Canadian Mr. Top Hat , I have been supporting my dumb-as-a-brick but gargantuan brother down south for DECADES now! He's an overgrown gorilla with the brains of a worm, but he's still my lovable brother. That said I still don't TRUST him either, sooooo I've built my own secret Vibranium and Adamantium Man system which means I'm the biggest, baddest brick-smasher on the block now. Bro has no clue what I am and can do now AND he can no longer take a swing at me anymore because NOW, I have the actual size and strength, to break his arms and legs in two as I see fit if he gets pissy with me!

I grew up to a much larger size and greater power level now. He just doesn't see or know it yet!

Bro is Spiderman....BUT.... I'm The Hulk, Dr. Strange, Thor AND Iron Man all in One! I win!

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