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Sadly we have little control over what happens with the building we work in and the non-IT systems that are installed, all we can do is report issues and request solutions. What actually happens is at the whim of the Building Services department, most of which is outsourced so you rarely get to speak to the same person twice and it's very rare for anyone who specified a system to be involved in maintaining it.

We refer to that server room as the death room, it's installed with a inert gas drench fire suppression system and as installed there was no alarm warning system or hold back system and can be remotely fired from the main fire panel without activating the main fire alarm. getting an alarm fitted took five years, any kind of localised hold off was nixed because they've "done the simple calculations to work out the right volume of gas for the size of the room". Our confidence in this statement isn't high given that their techs keep turning up with schematics for a version of the building before the PHBs grabbed 30% of our server room and the neighboring water storage tank for a bike store.

The door itself is swipe in with originally a push release and yes adding a yale makes it more dangerous in the event of a fire with little additional security. Our suggestion was not to deactivate the swipe reader in the event of a fire but that was apparently "too difficult" to do.

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