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Brexit: UK will be disconnected from EU databases after 2020

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>And, you only though to ask ~question~ NOW?!


Any large multinational should be prepared. If they aren't, that is on them. What would happen if Greece crashes out of the EU, or Italy? What if AfD becomes the party of government in Germany and decides not to fund the southern EU countries? How long do you think the EU will last then? Do these large companies really not plan for a different party gaining power? If that's the case, they deserve whatever trouble they are in.

What sort of idiot looked at European history and the EU's "ever closer union" goal and thought, "yeah, that'll work!"

Did we cheap out on the police databases and don't have our own capabilities? Well, call me a nationalist, but I'd say relying on other nations for your internal police systems is probably something you shouldn't do. The EU has been consistently sold to the public as cooperation between member states when in fact, it was creating a centralised super-state infrastructure. Now we reap the costs of that deception. I could be wrong here, perhaps the slant of the article misled me and we do have all our own stuff. In which case, how much do I care that our police are not updated about Fabio's theft of his uncle's Fiat? Cut off from EU databases? How about re-framing that statement to, "EU cut off from UK databases"? I haven't been through May's deal, but I think the approach should have been, Hard exit is a given. Now, let's sit down and discuss what each side wants.

I realise that there are real-world costs. Did you centralise on Oracle and host it in the UK? Well, I'm sorry. That will cost you to replicate it, or move it. May I commend to you some postgres?

In the end, entering into any international agreement which makes the government unable or less able to respond to a change in the long-term wishes of its populace, should not be undertaken. It is inherently anti-democratic. Of course there are costs to democracy. It would be far cheaper not to have it. I suspect it would be far cheaper if we did away with all our own systems of government and just became an administrative area of Germany, but I don't think that would be desirable for either us or the Germans.

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