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NO...The power to control space goes to a country that has a SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION DOLLAR defence budget, a 60 BILLION DOLLAR BLACK BUDGET for Super-Secret Research and Development, owns 10 of one-hundred-thousand-tonne aircraft carriers, has 3000 active-duty MIRV'ed nuclear missiles with warheads that go between 275 Kilotons to 5 Megatons with another 12,000 nuclear missiles HELD IN RESERVE, ....AND.....having 13,000 aircraft, 3200 battle tanks, secret aircraft that include ten two-stage-to-orbit spaceplanes, 18 hypersonic 135,000 feet flight level reconn aricraft, 22 active-duty stealth bombers, 160 still-secret tactical stealth bombers AND TO a country where SDI (Strategic Defence Initiative aka Star Wars) NEVER actually went away but all that money eventually resulted in us helping deliver hypersonic kinetic energy and directed energy anti-ICBM and anti-cruise missile systems to a working and DEPLOYED state!

To put it MILDLY, the ONLY COUNTRY that matters is THE GOOD OLE USA (hoooo yaaaaa !!!!) and the Freedom Fries we so eloquently DEFEND upon your cushy tush'es behalf! .... StargateSg7

The power to control space goes to the few who definitely don't need to provide the convenient quantitatively eased fiat funding streams in the disguise of taxes and earnings/profits and losses down on Earth and to those who can hack into and destroy the Grand Illusory Machine of Great Ponzi Programs .... with the latter remotely commanding and virtually controlling the former via various exculpatory means with a whole host of Radically ACTive and Attractive Memes for Raw Core Virgin Source Output/Input/Processing ... and they are not hobbled or nobbled by virtue of association with any particular peculiar country.

What sort of right weird beings root for and put boots on the ground in a country hell bent on provisioning mass destruction hosting titanic loss of life and chronic pain? And be proud of the fact? Anything sane? Or something to be annihilated at the earliest and every opportunity if unfathomly unfashionably mad and crazily dangerously insane?

Are you saying that is THE GOOD OLE USA and it is worth defending and supporting?

Surely not? Such is on the Road to Hell if it doesn't turn back or take a .... well, a Heavenly Fork in the Future Road Map would be a Certainly Radical Change of Direction for Momentum and much to be applauded, methinks. It does though however necessarily require more and greater intelligence to be shown and suitably acted upon, rather than struggling with the current fare evidenced above and thought to be prepared of late.

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