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"....."I'll have some of what that guy is smokin'!"

From the look of it, he's probably smokin' motherboards......"


Actually, I've indeed smoked A LOT OF MOTHERBOARDS! And since I am from the VAX-780 era, I have smoked more than a few of those too at $75,000 CAN a pop during the day! I am well experienced in otherwise destroying, discombobulating and sending MOBO's to Never-Never-Land!

Add in my OTHER destructive tendencies and that makes me an expensive proposition.

In fact, a few hours ago I just accidentally blittered a $35,000 lens into the Blarney Stone itself. Oh Well...another year's wages for the intern gone down the tubes....!!!! My only saving grace is that I am PROBABLY one of the BEST synthetic vision system, vector-based object recognition and audio/video CODEC programmers out there!

Which is WHY a tiny little spacecraft gets to go into low and high orbits, deploy their cargo AND safely return to Earth all by themselves WITHOUT human intervention! Which is ALSO WHY my CORPORATE CEO and OWNER friend is giving me enormous amounts of stock/equity which will EVENTUALLY vest so I can add to the Bell 429 collection! This time I will go for a Mi-28 Hind or an Sukhoi SU-29 as my daily driver.

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