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My car purchase is influenced not just on expected needs, but unexpected needs as well.

Still rather unusual use-case. For every person you can show who's had to do an emergency drive of hundreds of miles, I can show you thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) who've not had to do an emergency drive.

My car is also purchased for my needs (I have a lot of use for a station wagon, and it gets it's intended use at least once every 2 weeks), but for most people an EV with a 100 mile max range would be plenty.

When my current car is past it's servicable life then I'll take a look at an EV that can tow a trailer. I'll still get the utility, but for the times I want a car but don't need all that space then hopefully the EV will be light and efficient enough. The key reason I won't go for an EV right now is the energy/carbon cost of disposing of my current car plus the cost of making the EV outweigh the value of the EV. IOW, me getting an EV now would be bad for the environment.

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