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Electric cars will be practical when:

I've given you an upvote, but do need to correct a little bit..

Few cagers actually drive more than their daily commute. Many of them only drive a handful of miles each day (I know of a few cases where people could actually (and quite literally) get there faster by walking, but must take the car "in case I want it for..."). The 400 mile range many of us think EV's should have is not necessary for most people. So long as it can get 100 miles in extreme weather , it'll have plenty for the commute, the post-work shopping, and maybe one or two other errands.

I have a bike that doesn't have half that range. It's my main vehicle, and I can do a few days commuting and other stuff on one tank. Sure it's only 2-3 minutes to fill it up when I need to, but there would be some convenience if I could plug it in at home and let it charge over night, so every morning I left with a 'full tank'.

All that said, as I've mentioned here and elsewhere, I'm concerned about the need to upgrade the electricity infrastructure when EV's start to become more common, although I'd much rather see a massive spend on and uptake of public transport. Not everyone can use it, true. But when you see that most traffic is on the road between 7-9am and 4-6pm, it's kinda plain more enticing public transport could pull thousands of cars off the road....

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