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"@Lee D

What is the point of your comment, and why so inaccurate?

20 seconds with Google:

- 2017, UK Road deaths, cyclists, 101 people, 6% of the total."

That's just deaths. Being pitched from your bike and winding up in a wheelchair or even being relatively lucky and escaping major injury could still put you off work for a week or two. A similar smash up while you're in a car might lose you the use of the car, but you could still get to work the next day without needing special accommodation for your new handicap.

I used to ride and race bicycles all of the time and loved it. I rarely used it as a way to get to work and back except at one job that was not too far and accessible via low traffic streets. Before I got my license, I had one job that was a fair ride, but I got a ride home after dark.

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