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"...Does Trump have Any Greater Assets than are Melania and Ivanka and Tiffany?...."

Actually THOSE ARE HIS BEST ASSETS....and in terms of Ivanka...that SMOKIN' HOTTIE is good enough in my books! You should have seen her mother (Ivana) at her age...they are nearly identical!

Not to be too insulting, but I'm not sure Tiffany has Ivanka's business brains and education level. Tiff should keep out of the limelight and let big sister handle the heavy stuff, since Ivanka at least inherited her dad's balls and gall...Ivanka can actually play the big boys' games!!!

Now for Melania....when I first heard of her I did a double take...since she looks almost identical to Stana Katic, the former star who played "Detective Kate Beckett" in the hit TV show "Castle". I was thinking this was all a big joke of a publicity stunt with Stana Katic PLAYING a part in a "Reality Show". Holy Smoke was I surprised it was someone else (aka Melania) and Trump really WAS going for the presidency!

After doing some research into BOTH of their backgrounds (Stana AND Melania), I found out they just might possibly and actually BE GENETICALLY RELATED since their parents are from and/or have relatives coming from that same general area in Eastern Europe.

I do must commend Melania though on being her stoic and behind-the-scenes self. She's at least NOT drawing too much negative attention and is acting more behind-the-scenes and out-of-the-public eye where she can probably do more good with subtlety rather than becoming an overt brash camera-hog.

In my opinion, all Melania has to do is keep doing what she is doing now and just keep "Turning the shoulders attached to the head so they point in the correct direction". If you get that colloquialism then you are smart!

Anyways though, Trump's best asset IS actually Ivanka and it really does HELP when your best asset has both beauty AND brains!

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