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A) Why?

B) you can charge up overnight on a cheap tarriff while you sleep and have a full "tank" every morning. Time to recharge: the 30 seconds it takes to plug in.

C) 400 miles in extreme weather at a high average speed of 50mph (extreme weather, right?) would take 8 hours. You don't stop for meals or a pee once or twice? Do this often?

Governments could just ban petrol/diesel cars to meet international emission accords and move away from politically dangerous oil imports on a massive scale. Instead, they are choosing to incentivize EV's knowing that they make heaps of sense and the more people are exposed to them, the more they will be adopted. The incentives won't last forever and if the first world doesn't have to send the military to the middle east to keep the oil flowing, the costs will balance and then improve over time.

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