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Where to implant my employee microchip? I have the ideal location

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Anonymous Coward


Nice to see so many people taking the latest threat to our civil liberties by the globalists ever so seriously.

Refuse these damn things. Or do you want to be tracked like a chipped animal for the rest of your life?

Perhaps the globalist cabal should get chipped themselves, get their babies vaccinated multiple times, eat genetically modified food and drink fluoridated water every day? Breathe in the same crap and be subjected to the same plastic infested rubbish we end up ingesting.

Stop experimenting on us, experiment on your 1% useless worthless murdering selves.

Leave the rest of us 99% alone.

To those of you sniggering at me - don't bother calling me a tin foil hat conspiracist, stick to being docile sheep. Just as the globalists want you. Keep watching the trash on TV. Consume. Comply. Stay dumb.

Let the rest of us stay awake to this. Anyone else awake, let's keep up the struggle against this evil.

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