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Re: Disliking Soros != Anti-Semitism

"You see, here's the thing: Do you actually have good reasons to dislike Soros?"

Several. In general, he has made his 'zillions' by forcing other people to lose THEIRS.

maybe THIS will help:

That's right, currency manipulation and no jail time for doing it. According to one source, he was convicted of insider trading in a French court in 2002.

stopping before it becomes a rant.

Also worth pointing out: when DISAGREEING with someone who's non-white and/or not-male becomes "a plethora of '-phobe' accusations", it not only waters down the condemnation of REAL racism/sexism etc. but it makes those pointing the [falsely] accusatory fingers appear as if they are a whole lot of SJW ninny-nanny political correctness fascists. And same goes for when Fa[e]cebook makes its charges of the SAME kinds of things against those whom they deem worthy of CENSORSHIP. So if there's any targeting of conservatives or anyone right of center, it's FA[E]CEBOOK doing most of it.

And, of course, pointing this out, in Fa[e]cebook's world, would make me a "-phobe" [name your prefix, and rinse/repeat into a long list as if that makes me look worse].

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