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I would NOT be surprised if Bombastic Bob and I were in fact related....OR....maybe we have the same psycho-social DSM-V described UPPERCASE/lowercase keyboarding disorders arising from our dysfunctional youth.The KEY difference being that i work for (cough cough technically I consult for) a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR+ corporate entity that actually DOES HAVE both the financial AND the human resources capability to actually DO the above said described work!

To put it mildly, this entity is ON PAR WITH Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrup, EADS, BAE, etc in terms of technical capability AND resources! So if they SAY they're going to do it. THEN THEY ACTUALLY ARE DOING IT !!!!!!!!!!

It also kinda helps that the OWNER/CEO is a personal friend from since teenager--hood. The cruel irony is that I'm NOT actually being PAID right now to perform said computer science/video system work but there IS SOME MILD PROMISE of a rather large (i.e. make that gargantuan!) stock/equity-based compensation eventually to come!

With Great Risk comes Great Reward!

And yes it was half-a-Register-oriented-com-science-blabber-fest AND a commercial!

Coming soon in 2021!

AND YES! 2.5 to 10 megabits doesn't sound like much BUT that's the limit due to various ground-to-Earth technical reasons. and HELL NO !!!!.... the FCC has dip-doodley-ZERO-jurisdiction in OUR FULLY CANADIAN aerospace activities!

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