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Don't worry, I'm on the west side of the pond, too.

"Bright" as in smart/brilliant/quick-thinking.

"Spark" (also "Sparky") as in electrical/electronics engineer (or similar). Used derogatorily by those who deal with hardware above the scale of electrons (sparks). I've been called this a few times by mechanical engineers.

"Bright spark" together can mean the same thing as just "bright", also referring to that lightning flash of inspiration (the proverbial light-bulb thought).

"Dev" as in developer (or engineer).

"Iron out" as in remove the wrinkles / fix the problem (or as these Reg Brits often say: "sort out"), but has double meaning with the iron choke.

Full version: "Quick-thinking electronics/software developer sorts out interference from the lights using iron choke." But not nearly as humorous.

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