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Re: Disliking Soros != Anti-Semitism

Well, that was quite an off-topic rant.

I can rant on topic too.

I had to deal with his foundation multiple times - as a part of my not particularly pleasant couple of years in the USA. The moment it became clear that I will not politically convert to the direction they wanted all of the participants to go, they forgot to fucking pay my scholarship for the semester. There is no better way to learn what is USA as observing it from the lowest rung on the social ladder. The one occupied by a student with E1 visa (one which in the 90es forbid ANY AND ALL work) in a city of 10k where you cannot find work in the first place while being 5k in the red. I was not the only one too. I understood after that similar unfortunate accounting mistakes happened to a couple of the other kids on that program. For similar reasons.

I had to deal with them while leading student protests in the same country as referred in the aforementioned "off topic rant". I ordered the security goons to count three floors worth of steps with the butt of the guy offering us various "benefits and incightments" to direct our protest in a direction they and the USA embassy wanted. I thoroughly enjoyed observing the order being executed by the way.

They have their own agendas and these agendas are USUALLY not in the interest of the countries where they operate. That is the polite version. The version I usually use is "they are f*** c*nts". However, having that opinion of him and "Open Society" does not make me anti-Semitic. Same as my opinion of Yod Vashem.

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