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"As a member of the EU, we can't even begin to start proper trade talks with anyone"

Actually yes we can, we just cant sign them until the minute we leave.

"No possible deal, hard or soft was ever going to please everyone, not even close to majority"

Just as remain would have upset the majority (leave voters) as well as those various flavours of remain voter who want reform, just feared the govs punishment budget, fear of the EU, etc.

"Especially considering that 48% or people voted not to leave in the first place"

The minority. If this was an election that would be those who didnt win. The smaller group who do not get to impose their minority view on the people. The minority might not like that everyone else does not conform to their 'I am always right' view but tough. We had a democratic vote which has a result and thats it. But democracy relies on honourable people willing to pass power to the victor of the vote. It is a requirement.

"very little actual discussion, or even listening to others points of view."

That is 100% spot on. See above.

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