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Just because you ride a motorbike and wear a crash helmet doesn't mean that you take it off every time you stop. I don't even take it off when filling with fuel and going in to pay as it is a pain and most fuel stations don't mind nowadays (banks are a bit more concerned!) I made sure my latest phone was waterproof just so I can mount it without a full waterproof case to my handlebars. This has the advantage that riding around southern France in the summer is has maximum cooling - in a case it will generally overheat and switch off constantly.

However I am not riding at speed reading the latest Brexit news and searching for a new saucepan. I do stop, pick up the phone and take a photo or select a different route when stuck in a long traffic jam, or open the translation app when at a roadside to read a sign, or look at reviews of places to eat when pulled up on the outskirts of town.

However what I actually do about unlocking is use smart unlock to detect the bluetooth on the bike intercom to keep it unlocked (the bluetooth switches off with ignition) and it has a gloves mode so that I can still use the touchscreen with summer riding gloves on (when stopped!)

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