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My dad once ground down the edge of a SIP memory chip (usually only used in printers, but in this case it was for a 386 motherboard that only took SIP memory) with a power-tool to make it fit.

It over-hung the SIP socket and touched a component, so it wouldn't sit in there properly. He literally just took it to the garage and ground it down to the edge of the PCB traces.

Not a big deal, you might think. But we'd paid nearly a grand for that memory upgrade (1Mb to 2Mb!). My brother and I just watched in disbelief as he ground a grand's worth of state-of-the-art chippery to within a slither of the traces with a power-tool...

Worked though. We sold the machine fully-working many years later still with that chip in it. Not sure you'd get away with it nowadays with the multi-layer boards and extreme sensitivity of the chips.

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