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I'm puzzled about all the controversy here.

This is the kind of thing which, if the Chinese government had thought of it, they would have done. And they have more than an adequate number of qualified people to have come up with the idea.

Moreover, the simpler integrated circuits are quite tiny. It's possible to embed the things into circuit boards where only a fine-tooth X-ray could find them. We know how. So do they.

Finally like most states, they have the attitude of "Whatever happens to you is OK, because you aren't us." And unlike all but a few other states, they discuss the stratagem openly.

Our own (EEC, US) people have been warning us about this for twenty years. Really, if I were in the upper echelons of the Guo Yi, it's what I'd have done. Why not? Why the skepticism?

We, all of us, are a bunch of large-animal, mammalian, top-predator, omnivores. We live in a big world. And the only people in it who don't want to defeat us are the ones who haven't noticed us yet.

It's been going on all along. Get used to it.

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