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The FCC has NO FORCE AT ALL in outer space! It can control and specify directions ONLY to it's OWN CITIZENS and to companies that operate WITHIN the United States! It has absolutely NO DIRECTION towards or legal force against Canadians, Brits, Germans, French, Russians, etc. who act WITHIN their own borders or within international areas!

For example, for the last eight years, one of our related corporate divisions has been designing and building FULLY ITAR-FREE satellite systems (i.e. NOT subject to ANY U.S. Export Law!) that go not only into low-Earth orbit but also into Geosynchronous AND into what is called outer-Earth-orbit trajectories.

Every CPU/GPU microchip, CAD/CAM/Circuit design hardware and software, all operations software, all development platforms, assemblers and compilers, every nut, bolt, glue and construction material, AND all in-house and external personnel and even the ENTIRE launch platforms are fully Canadian-sourced systems and materials from fully Canadian-owned entities built so the USA can do dip-doodley-all !!!

So when we get to launch our 512 satellite swarm that handles multi-spectral SDR (Software-Defined Radio) communications from 5 MHZ up to 60 GHz on an open-platform basis from a sea-launch platform within international waters, then there IS NOTHING the USA can do about it at all !!!!

EACH satellite has full-duplex transceiver and MESH network capabilities WITH MULTIPLE on-board DCI 4k (4096x2160) IR, UV and Optical cameras on-board for panoramic and telephoto still photo groups taken every few seconds.

The extendable and flexible antennae sub-systems were specially designed for WIDE BANDWIDTH multi-band SDR (Software Defined radio) operations! The POWER source and power conditioning circuits were all RAD-hardened and are being TESTED NOW for actual 10 year operations. (we'll know in 2 more years how the circuits did under ultra harsh space test temperature, vacuum and RF/Multi-EM/XRAY/GAMMA radiation conditions!)

Since RAD-hardening was THE KEY issue, it has already taken eight years and will take another two more to fully finish the systems and then launch into space. These 50 cm by 50 cm by 50 cm cube micro-satellites pack a lot of CPU processing horsepower and image store-and-forward space within a very small package. Each satellite can last, based upon our radiation-studies and past solar flare activity charts, up to 10 years with an orbit boost required every 2.5 years (i.e. 4 boosts in 10 years to keep them in stable lower and upper orbits)

Satellite internet feeds Uploads/downloads will be COMPLETELY AUTO-MANAGED ONBOARD the satellites themselves requiring NO ground operator intervention, and bandwidth will be on the order of 2.5 to 10 megabits per second (or more!) with SOME of the communications channels being FULLY FREE AND OPEN SOURCE USE to non-commercial and commercial users!

Eight megapixel+ single photos, 400 megapixel swaths and one to 5 minute 30 fps videos will be downloaded every few minutes fully unencrypted for ANYONE to use as they see fit under GNU GPL-3 licencing terms! There IS a global TEXT MESSAGE-based and STILL IMAGE-based EMERGENCY broadcast and weather forecast system and master time-clock system BUILT-IN with minute-by-minute updates! And since we have a re-useable two-stage-to-orbit micro-launch system that we built ourselves, we can launch TWO satellites PER DAY in one ship at a space launch cost of only $500 000 CAN (335 000 Euros!) per launch. The satellites are extremely small and very lightweight so our launch costs are very minimal compared to Ariane-space or NASA or ESA or Boeing, etc. 256 launches in two years to get the system fully up and running has ALREADY BEEN FULLY FUNDED and is ready to go!

First launch window is set for June 2021.


P.S. As per this disclosure by me (i.e. permission was given!), the parent company is NOT WORRIED by about proprietary business issues since the final purpose for some of the communications channels and photo/video downloads allows much money to be made on a commercial basis.

The other free and open source UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD and MESH NETWORK channels will left full open for use by anyone up to an assigned data limit per user per day. The downloaded still photos are left fully unencrypted using run-length and token-based compression with ECC/CRC data correction at RGB 48-bits per pixel and Greyscale 16-bits per pixel in our open-source imaging formats, and the videos are YCbCr HDR 30 fps 4:4:4 colour sampling at 10 bits per channel (30 bits per pixel)

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