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Dump SuperMicro Stock

My policy is that a company restating 3 years of earnings has rot that may be through the core. Now they can blame Bloomberg for their revenue and stock failings, how convenient, but restating that many years of earnings almost always has detrimental effects on the stock price through deep suspicion of investors based on other companies that went bust through malfeasance. Which may not be the case for SuperMicro, but why take the risk as an investor.

Just to throw more kindling on the fire, maybe SuperMicro instigated the Chinese Chip story so that SuperMicro can sue Bloomerg for the stock falling-- you have to show damages to sue for Real Money (r)-- when the actual cause was a c-suite failure resulting earnings restatement. How convenient, someone else takes the fall, it is the American Way ("it is not my fault!").

We all know the hardware attack is possible, but did it happen? With the earnings restatement by SuperMicro, their cred is definitely doubtful.

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