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Brexit: UK will be disconnected from EU databases after 2020

John Brown (no body) Silver badge

On a simplified note, it looks to me like the better of a bunch of bad options. As a member of the EU, we can't even begin to start proper trade talks with anyone. But after Brexit, as a "non-member" in a transition agreement, we can hold those trade talks. So by the time the transition period is over, we might actually have the beginnings of some trade deals in place and ready to go.

I also note the the most vocal politicians such as Reese-Mogge and Boris are more than rich enough to weather any economic downturn the hard Brexit they want will most likely cause. No possible deal, hard or soft was ever going to please everyone, not even close to majority. Especially considering that 48% or people voted not to leave in the first place, and the people who voted leave had a number of different reasons for leaving and visions of what leave meant.

I think what saddens me most about this whole sorry affair is the polarisation happening here that we see has already destroyed US politics. There's a lot of personal animosity between the various sides and very little actual discussion, or even listening to others points of view. Whatever else might happen, we are leaving the EU. Politicians of all sides should be looking at what is best for the country as a whole, not furthering the own agenda and appearing splintered and disorganised on the world stage. Argue in private, but at least try to put on some sort of united front in public. The squabbling not only gives the EU a stronger bargaining position, but also any potential trade partners we might want to deal with. A fully united UK is going to have a tough enough time getting a good deal with the US, especially with Trump in charge (his idea of good and fair is that he wins and the other guy loses big time), but a splintered UK Gov, will have no chance with him.

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