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Disliking Soros != Anti-Semitism

which argues that suggesting Facebook's intent in shining a spotlight on Soros was anti-Semitic is "reprehensible and untrue."

That is something I may actually agree with. Painting any disagreement with Soros as anti-Semitism is the same as painting any disagreement with Israel or some venerable institutions of Judaism.

For example I disagree with Israel and the Yad Vashem in assigning two murderous bastards which have come up with an "advanced concentration" camp design approved by the Nazis as a righteous gentiles. I also disagree with both of them denying the Holocaust in the country in question.

The design was - instead of shipping the Jews of said country north to the camps, to lock them up in "open jail conditions" in the malaria swamps along the Danube and forbid every doctor in the country to treat them. It was nearly successful.

Tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors from that country owe their lives to 4 village GPs and one hospital director which obeyed their Hippocratic oaths and treated them during the Malaria pandemic of 1944. 3 of them did not make it. Gestapo took care of them. None has even as much as commemorating board on their houses and practices.

So is disagreeing "politely" (I usually start swearing here) with Yad Vashem on the subject of the inventors of said camps being righteous gentiles anti-Semitic? I personally do not think so. However if I get out in public, step on the soap box and say exactly what I think I will have all the usual suspects will scream at me as an anti-Semite (*). In fact, but the so called "approved" defition I am - read it carefully, it phrases "holocaust denial" in a very interesting way.

So having an opinion of Soros similar to my opinion of Yad Vashem is not by any means anti-Semitism.

(*)Disclaimer - for me it's personal, my grandad was the hospital director. He never asked for any recognition until his death and I understood what he had done in 1944 decades after he died.

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