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It's clear we're never going to be allowed to leave the EU so your objective has been achieved.

RIP democracy. It was nice while it lasted!

What about democracy at an EU level? (Oh, that's the only one UKIP were ever successful at, yet they never bothered to try and fix the things they complained about.) What about democracy at the level of the UK nations, two of which voted to stay? What about democracy in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement referendum and the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, one built on the EU and the other won on a "project fear" of not being able to stay in it? What about democracy in a referendum fought largely on, "Well it'll be alright, obviously we can get a much better deal than Norway! Ha ha ha!"? What about the lack of democracy when the leave vote came through and the only decent thing to do in the limits of our system would have been an election fought on the basis of how we were going to leave? What about democracy in the general election we eventually got halfway through negotiation where the two teams we get to vote for didn't offer a choice? What about democracy where a self appointed cabal within the Conservative party tries to call the shots?

And what about democracy in asking people, once they have a chance to actually see what is going to be done in the name of a vote on an open ended course of action two years ago, if that's really what they wanted? No, of course, that wouldn't be democratic at all.

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