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iPhone XS: Just another £300 for a better cam- Wait, come back!

Lee D Silver badge

£999 is enough to pay for my entire year's broadband (over a 4G wifi box), phone and tv, Netflix, Amazon Prime, a trip to the cinema once a month, and still have enough left over to buy the 4G box, a PC and a TV to do that all on. Not to mention, buy a mobile phone. Hell, if I skimped in the right places, it would also pay most of my household electricity usage too (not just that of the above).

And that's BEFORE you even connect the damn thing to a cellular provider.

Honestly, I've paid less than a quarter of that for CARS before now, that worked just fine for years afterwards, and then scrapped them when they needed HALF of that cost in works to pass the MOT for something else.

How the hell do people justify iPhones to themselves?

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