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"It's weird, the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact was not an uncommon phone - in my local pub I had one, and so did a large builder bloke and a petite young woman. However, Sony aren't making an XZ3 Compact, and the XZ2 only had a Snapdragon 650 (though there might be a sound reason for that, such as not needing to push as many pixels, or doubling down on a Compact's already excellent battery life)."

Ah, no.

The XZ1c has an 835, the XZ2c has an 845. It was the XZc that was a downgrade, quickly reversed.

Typically Sony release one new compact a year, I think the XZ1c was an extra because the X was so poor. We wouldn't expect an XZ3c, if there is another it should be 4. And if I'm right the XZ2c will drop to the price at which I'll buy it.

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