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2018 is the year of stupidly sized phones

90% of the releases have been at 6"+. Ok its a narrow diagonal that 6" was last year but its still stupidly big for anyone has < averagely sized man hands ie most women. Case in point my Moto Z play is a 5.5" diagonal and in retrospect too big for my tiny man hands, so I've been looking for a smaller replacement after multiple droppings.

Really fancied the Honor 8x but its frikkin huge. Ditto the XR. The X or XS is a much nicer size at 5.8 . (and smaller than my moto) but at the price of 3 or 4 good androids too rich for me. Ditto Sammy S9.

In the end have settled for an Honor 10 another 5.8"-er, after a tour of all the phone shops comparing widths. Was seriously looking at the P20 Lite just because it was a almost a budget price for a decent 5.8".

Is anyone actually testing these phone for fit any more? A software shrink mode is no substitute for a handset that fits nicely in your hand.

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