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I enjoy my car. It’s well over half a century old and it’s fun to drive. I like my modern car too, it’s comfortable - but, as with *nearly* every modern car, so laden with bells and whistles and driver aids that it’s actually quite dull to drive. But I love my bicycle. Taking your points:

1 I ride it in all weathers. Remarkably, I find that it doesn’t care or stop working because it’s wet out - so why should I? I once rode it for over 250 miles in driving rain and wind.

2 ...and the Brecon Beacons didn’t present a problem either.

3 See point 1. But, as you’ll remember, I did say electric cars FTW for longer distances. Or when carrying heavy loads.

4 Yeah. But no. I’m closer to grave than cradle, and my dear old mum is in her 80s. She still rides 60 mile plus distances - and uses her bike for everything since she doesn’t have a car.

So those are just excuses. Not very valid ones either, I’m afraid.

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