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"FFS in a civilised society, Amazon should be falling over themselves in their rush to assist the authorities in such circumstances, at their first opportunity."

Law is based heavily on precedence, if Amazon don't appear to fight tooth and nail before they handover information, if they don't make it so damned hard that it takes months to get stuff out of them then every Tom, Dick and Harry will demand their recordings for every trivial little thing that Alexa records.

Amazon cannot simply do what people ask. Today it's something important, like this, evidence in a murder trial. Tomorrow it's because little Johnny and little Jenny won't stop fighting over Smarties and I want those recordings, "You handed them over for a murder trial! They're my recordings about Johnny and Jenny and I want them! You handed them over for that murder thing, why can't I have mine?".

Then on top of that is the fact that if something is found then details about it have to be published in court documents and that leave Amazon's secrets laid bare for others to copy. If we know more about how Alex tech works then other companies trying to get in on that game stand a better chance or beating Amazon once they know how Amazon's tech works.

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