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The issue that you and many miss...

When a judge gives a court order, Amazon can't refuse. They can fight a subpoena, but not a court order.

Failure to respond means contempt of court which Amazon doesn't want to do. (No one wants to do)

But from the article:

However, Amazon finally handed over the recordings after Bates gave permission. The recordings didn't provide anything useful however and may even have helped Bates' case that there was several reasonable explanations for what may have happened. The charges against him were dropped in November 2017.

The common thought is that Alexa doesn't record until the command word <Alexa> is said.

So its important to know what was in the recordings. Was it a command/question to Alexa, or did it contain background noise?

Meaning the recordings would indicate just how much information Amazon collects from you, assuming you own an Alexa.

That's what we need to learn...

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