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That's a pretty damning indictment of the entire US home automotive market. The home market should be looking at the imports and upping their game, as should the consumers. Buying American just because it's American, even when it's shite, is...stupid,

I think these days one has to expand one's mind and reconsider what is "American". Just because a label says Toyota, Honda or Nissan doesn't mean it's imported, or even that North Americans didn't build it, manage the plant, run the supplier companies, etc... Toyota in particular have been pretty good at changing how their NA supplier base operates. Reputedly a lot of their suppliers now won't work with GM, Ford, because dealing with the Japanese is far easier and more profitable.

The most significant import, if you can call it that, is manufacturing philosophies and quality control ideas. The fact that Tesla / GM / Ford haven't seen fit to adopt these ideas wholesale does not mean all Americans have rejected them; lots have gone with them, and they're happily working under a Japanese banner.

My guess is that they see little value in leaving and trying to put right enterprises run by belligerent know-it-alls like Musk. That then means that the pool of the best automotive workers / suppliers is not available to companies like Tesla...

Same happened here in the UK. Before the Japanese turned up British automotive industry was a joke; unproductive, strikes, poor quality, etc. Since Honda, Toyota Nissan turned up there's no strikes and their factories rival their Japanese counterparts for productivity. And we're quite proud of Japanese cars having Made in Britain stamped on them.

Musk thinking he can do better is laughable.

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