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2018-05-31: Thorfinnsson's Take on Tesla: The Stock Is Going To Zero

Don't know what happened but in May Tesla looked like a company not unready to implode. Did anything change?

• Tesla is burning through one billion per quarter and is likely to run out of cash this year

• It is the only company of its size (in the market) offering high yield debt and stock offerings to accredited investors (which do not require SEC disclosure)

• Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reportedly refused to meet with Elon Musk when he was in Saudi Arabia

• Elon Musk has violated federal securities, labor, and OSHA laws

• Musk and many other current and former executives have signed false documents and thus committed perjury

• The Model 3 is a disaster and was panned by Consumer Reports, Car and Driver, and Edmund’s

• The self-dealing merger with Solar City would likely not have been approved by shareholders without Musk’s vaporware demonstration of solar roof tiles that do not exist (securities fraud)

• Half of Tesla’s output is exported, leaving it very vulnerable to trade retaliation

• Quality problems continue to be severe, and Tesla has now resorted to partnering with local body shops for post-production fixes

• Extreme shortage of spare parts means Teslas can be out of service for months

• Tesla takes months to refund customer deposits

• Numerous accounting problems, leading to 86 questions from the SEC for the last fiscal year, compared to zero for Ford Motor

• Tesla “autopilot” units keep crashing

• Highest accident and fatality statistics in its vehicle class (new luxury vehicles)

• Model S wheels and suspensions keep cracking

• Difficulty of exiting vehicle in the absence of electrical power (no mechanical door handles) led to children literally being burned alive

• A flood of competition is inbound, including the 600 horsepower Porsche Misson-E going into production at Zuffenhausen next year

• Tesla’s zero emission credits are set to expire, just as other automakers start harvesting them

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