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OR, more accurately, that the general population don't understand the capacities of an autopilot and ascribe it abilities beyond what it can actually do.

I've flown a plane exactly once - a red-letter day, I'm no pilot - but I wanted to know everything I could before I went up. The plane had an autopilot - it was two dials, one for desired heading, one for desired altitude. It would attempt to match heading and altitude by adjusting the current by a limited rate, and once reached, hold it.

That's it. That's an autopilot in a nutshell.

Yes, airliners have other systems that are capable of landing the plane etc, but those are additional systems.

Transferring that to the surface domain - an enhanced cruise control is exactly what an autopilot describes.

We have terms for cars that drive themselves - "fully autonomous vehicle", or "self driving car".

"Autopilot" is an apt description of the capabilities of the Tesla. The problem is people thinking that it does more than it does.

I went to a test drive event for the model X - the staff there made it very clear that it was a driving aid, and not autonomous.

I also made sure I got to try it out - lets just say that its immediate insistence on pulling off the side of the dual-carriageway I was on, and that it wanted to accelerate hard beyond the speed limit (signage limited it to 60, the car decided it was in a 70 zone despite a speed limit sign being in clear view) gave me doubts about the quality of the system.

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