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About a year ago, Anchor Butter started giving away stuffed squeaky elephants as part of their Christmas campaign. They stated in the Ts and Cs that only one per household would be awarded, on a daily basis, with winners selected from that day's list of applicants by random selection. Unfortunately, the advertising campaign started four days after the website went live, so no elephants were won during the first three days, and only eight (I think) on the fourth. At the end of the campaign, the website was still live for part of the day after it was supposed to have closed, but no elephants were awarded for that extra day. I wrote to their winners address and received a complete list of winners. What do you know? Several elephants were dispatched to members of the same family, presumably at the same address, and four other individuals each had multiple awards. I wrote to complain about these discrepancies, and was assured that they would be corrected. How were they intending to resolve a discrepancy once the elephant had been delivered?

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