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The Tesla is a gadget. It isn’t a good car

Actually, it is a very good car, marred mainly by excessive ambition in the control software. Build quality is iffy for European or Japanese markets, but is clearly entirely acceptable to the US market.

But your point about Tesla trying to make their cars sexy is right. Not because Musk's narcissism and personality cult, but simply because he rightly realised that EV adoption was being hindered by the crapness of EV offers by mainstream makers. Look at the dull, unimaginative designs (Nissan Leaf and others) or the wantonly weird designs (BMW i series), the compromises of using bodies designed for petrol (Golf EV), pathetic range and performance (many, many culprits), or boring, opportunistic pretend EVs (Mitsubishi PHEV, Toyota Prius and others).

You might not like Tesla cars and I respect your right not to, but it is a matter of fact that Tesla cars offer excellent performance, the company have more vision and more EV experience than the rest of the car industry put together, and they produce attractive and generally desirable cars that many people would like and can aspire to.

Personally I don't believe Tesla have a long term independent future. But I predict history will look back very favourably on the company and its founder as the people who made the EV a credible, practical and desirable choice, at the time when the conventional motor industry sat on its fat arse, cheating emission control tests and saying EVs wouldn't catch on.

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