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You had better keep quiet or you will end up getting a dose of this...

citing the potential for harassment by Tesla fanatics

They really do not like anyone criticising their mobile prayer vehicle as they pay homage to the church of Tesla and its head, Elon Musk.

Say one word against them and they descend upon you like a ton of bricks.

One commentator started saying that TOWIT is not the only way. (The Only Way Is Tesla) and was swiftly branded a troll.

IMHO, their vehicles are of the same sort of quality as every other American car (not those made by foreign companies in the USA). Basic to say the least. They have cut costs by putting everything onto the screen which means that you have to take your eyes off the road to do pretty well everything.

That's probably why so many Tesla disciples cant wait for full autonomy.

You hear the words 'Take a nap on my commute' an awful lot.

These people are either really, really trusting or as thick as two short planks. Just my Opinion which is usually crap so you make your own mind up.

Then there is the Model 3. They think that it will take over the world and every other car is a POS.

It is a frigging saloon car for heavens sake. Do they think we are back in the early 1960's when almost everyone drove a saloon car.

I'd better stop or the Tesla hordes will be tearing my door down and trying to convert me to the church of Musk...

Naturally the above is /s and I really didn't mean it (honest)

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